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Stephen Edelblute has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Wisconsin College of Engineering. After serving five years as a captain in the United States Air Force, he spent many years working in private industry as a project engineer for various firms setting up new production facilities, including Ethel M Chocolates in Henderson NV, where he ended up becoming the plant manager.

During the birth of the personal computer era, he became interested in computer database program design and started Davalex Microsystems in 1989. Since then he has served many varied clients by acting, in many cases, as sole computer support for their businesses. His specialty is writing custom programs and web sites designed specifically around the client's existing procedures, which greatly simplifies the transition to their new, improved computer operation.

Why the name Davalex

When I started his business in 1989 I had high hopes for success and two small children under the age of six, Alexandra and David. I decided to name the new venture after them. The contraction Alex-Dav did not sound as good as Dav-Alex.  The name Davalex Microsystems. (It is pronounced da-val'-ex.)


I work hard to provide the highest quality, customer friendly service possible. I strive to understand your specific needs. That is always my top priority.


  • Brochure Web Sites from $300
  • Interactive Web Sites
  • Web Site Hosting
  • Custom Windows Software
  • Graphic Logos & Art
  • Advertising Graphics
  • Data Conversion